mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

How to wrap confetti "pillow" style

Busy busy busy...
I'm going to move to a new house, and my scrapbook kits is all over the place...
Anyway, here's how to wrap confetti "pillow" style, and followed by some
idea for graduation/ laurea bomboniere
Material : red tulle fabric, ribbon, paper, stapler, bi adesivo
imagine there is a middle line dividing tulle into half,
put 5 confetti under that imaginary line.
 on top the confetti, place a 5x5cm card, you can
personalize the card with writings e.a;  name and
date of the event
fold up the downside tulle , covering the confetti
and card
Fold down the upside part of the tulle, now you can
see a tunnel on the left and right side of the confetti
hold the left side with your left hand and...
...fastly fold it to the back, now your thumb is
holding the downside tulle , while the other 4 fingers
are holding the left side tulle and the confetti
fold back also the right side of the tulle
flip the back part facing up, right now you
cannot see the card anymore, and hide
the remaining tulle so it will look neat
secure with stapler
Fold inside the remaining "tail" covering the
stapler mark
If you'd like to see my graduation/ laurea creation;
 please check my next post " Idea for Graduation/Laurea

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Manu ha detto...

Very very nice idea!!!
Thank you for the tutorial!!!

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