giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Last minute Christmas cards

(Will be translate to Italian ... soon ... *crossfingers)

Merry Christmas to all !!! This year color is BLUE, not because I'm celebrating it here in Italy, alone, and my honey bunch hubby is still working on board the ship, or because I can't eat my mother homecooked meal, or can't watch TV due to bad weather. No. It's because blue looks pretty with the snowflakes and the snowman inside ... *choked

I'm using a spiral pop up technique, which is much easier than spinning 3d platform, but it creates a round hole on the card, and to my taste ; It didn't gave the grand effect of 3D when opened from the side horizontally , like mine here (but oops! I don't have the time to create another one)

... and the back side view ...

Please check again later for  my new year post "Butterfly spiral card" to see the difference; when its opened vertically from the side.

A presto ... (I knew this one in Italian )

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