venerdì 17 dicembre 2010

Poinsettia pen wrap

(Promise I will translate this to Italian as soon as I "catch" one of my busy Italian friends, well it's CHRISTMAS anyway!!!! :)))))))))

I guess this is my first Christmas project, starting from an order of decorating 130 pens from Rosa Vaccaro who owns a  Beauty Salon , named after her "Rose's Style".

The theme is Christmas, so should be not far from green, white and red color (which is surprisingly the same color with Italian flag ...... or margherita pizza :)))) This is the design I purposed and she said YES!

I made 50 of these, while the other 80 is wrapped (or tucked to be more exactly...) with a snowman, check also my other post "Snowman pen wrap", and Merry Christmas!

2 commenti:

mopi locoe ha detto...

Hi! I make a blog (that's the only way i can write comment here -_-)It's nice, the pen wrap. I'm still searching for the bomboniere

Dani ha detto...

Oh, these are really wonderful!


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